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Create a Winning Listing and Brochure to Sell Your Home FSBO Faster and More Efficiently

A well thought out listing and brochure can help you sell your house faster and more efficiently than you might think. An effective listing attracts buyers to your home, and allows them to carry their good impression of your home back to their home. Here’s a checklist of key ingredients for creating a great listing [...]

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Tips for selling your home FSBO in 30 days

Tips for selling your home FSBO. So, you’ve bought another home, or found out you’re being transferred to another city or state, and you need to sell your home fast! You can sell your home FSBO-style in 30 days or less, provided you follow some simple but important steps. Begin by preparing your home for [...]

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6 Tips for Getting Top Dollar When Selling Your Home FSBO

Top dollar for your FSBO home sale. Whether or not you’ve sold a home FSBO-style before, you can make top dollar if you follow some tips from successful home sellers. Making top dollar may require some time and money invested on your part, but in the end, it will pay off when your house sells [...]

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The Crumbling of the 6% Commission

3 Options for Selling Your Home As a home seller, understanding your options is the first step in deciding whether you should sell your home yourself through a service that helps you with the process for $350-$900, use a discount broker for a typical fee of $300-$500 plus a 4-5% commission of your home’s value, or [...]

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2016 Paint Color of the Year

Like Adelweiss, your paint color should be "Strong and white, clean and bright..." Have you been wracking your brain trying to choose the "right white," or the perfect combination of beige + gray (aka "greige")? We getcha.  Choosing a paint color means commitment, and when you're selling your home, it can mean the difference between sunk [...]

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Lessons You Can Learn From Charming Charlie About Selling Your Own Home

How to Stage Your Home Like a Retail Mastermind Selling your own home is a lot like retail merchandising. You want to have what buyers want, offer it at a good price, present it in an attractive environment, and give everyone a positive personal experience. Homeowners can learn some important lessons from the young Thai-American [...]

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