The Top 15 reasons to sell your own home FSBO-style With ListingDoor

Selling your own home FSBO-style is on upward trend as the housing market steadily grows and the internet continues to make it easier for homeowners to sell without enlisting an agent.

ListingDoor offers step-by-step advice, service and access to all the tools you need to market and sell your home, maximize value, and pocket the substantial fees you’d otherwise be paying a realtor. ListingDoor provides everything you need to successfully complete the sale on your own without involving a real estate agent, including:

  • Expert pricing tools
  • State of the art marketing guidelines and tools
  • Clear and detailed instructions
  • A personalized, easy-to-follow program

Expanding on these four core benefits, here are 15 reasons ListingDoor can help you can take the FSBO experience to the bank:

1.) Get a higher price (yes, higher) for your home

Studies by Stanford and Northwestern Universities conclude that homes sold at an average of 4-7 – 7 percent higher when no agent was involved. Add the commission savings and that percentage rises. The studies that don’t reflect this conclusion are those funded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

2.) An FSBO sale won’t cut into your home’s appreciation

A 5 – 6 percent commission can be misleading, since it doesn’t take into account that the agent’s commission cuts into your home’s appreciation—the value of your home after mortgage payments are factored in, a more accurate way of showing costs.

The commission you pay your agent can represent as much as 40-60% of your appreciation. According to the NAR, Americans don’t earn 6 percent appreciation on their home until they’ve owned it for eight to10 years. That’s a lot of years to have to wait, only to then give it up in real estate agent fees.

3.) FSBO is fast and efficient

With ListingDoor, we brought together all the functions that a real estate firm performs and added the latest technology to make successfully selling a home a FSBO-style a reality for homeowners. With our turnkey system, you can actually create a listing and get started in less time than it takes to have a coffee with a real estate agent!

4.) The listing counts for you and you alone

ListingDoor gives homeowners everything they need to sell their own home, save the agent commission, and keep their equity instead of handing it over to a real estate agent. It’s about keeping every dollar for yourself and giving nothing away.

5.) Your home is priced correctly

A recent study showed 47 percent of all homes listed with a real estate agent end up reducing the listing price at least once. At ListingDoor, you get the most current up-to-date sales data in your area. We give you a ballpark estimate of what your home is worth, but we also walk you through the steps of fine-tuning your price to ensure its sells in a competitive market.

The market can change in a heartbeat. You need the most current comparable sales data to correctly price your home. Think that might take a lot of time? It doesn’t—

the whole process actually takes about 30 minutes.

6.) Turnkey service

ListingDoor gives you everything you need to price, market, and list your home; just one single source and you’re done. No searching for separate experts and resources.

7.) We know what sells homes and how to maximize your value

At ListingDoor, our knowledge is based on experience, not theory. ListingDoor provides profitable and powerful marketing tools with proven results. We give you access to our real estate expertise and industry metrics so you don’t need to become an instant real estate expert. In fact, even if you’re a beginner, ListingDoor can work for you.

8.) Competitive advantage

You have a huge advantage when you sell your home direct. There are only two parties to satisfy: you and the buyer. There are no other agendas to consider, and both yours and the buyer’s end goals match: you want to sell and they want to buy.

9.) Your house is the #1 priority

Advertising is key when you sell your home. Getting the right word out to the right prospective buyers is what it’s all about. When you take marketing into your own hands, it’s 100 percent about your home. You home is not just another listing with cookie-cutter content. You don’t get buried in the established advertising channels of your realtor where not only does your home not stand out, it’s competing with their other listings. The tools we give you are superior to what real estate agents use because they are customized just for your home.

10.) Selling a home is a visual experience

Let’s face it, thanks to the internet, selling a home has become a visual experience, so it’s important that your home can show others what sets it apart, and you know these features best. There’s a reason why some of TVs reality shows like Sell This House, Designed to Sell, and House Hunters are so popular. They’re spectator sports, real estate’s own “Academy Awards.” The house takes center stage, not some actor. And when your house is featured online, buyers and non-buyers love the pictorial feast in the line-ups on Pinterest, Houzz and Zillow. With ListingDoor, you get to exhibit that same “wow” factor.

11.) Personalized message

Typical real estate marketing communications spew boring, boilerplate content, canned scripts, and shallow sales pitches. People today crave authentic connection, and this extends to real estate. Individuals marketing their own home have the singular vested interest that ownership and deep motivation creates, making the process extremely personal. It’s all about what’s real, what’s unique about your home.

12.) Social media/Internet

In the world of home selling, the internet is your best friend. ListingDoor delivers a customized website for your home and helps you organize a Facebook ad campaign complete with user-friendly tools. We facilitate social sharing with friends and contacts, as well as getting your posts listed on the top real estate sites including Zillow and Yahoo! Home listings in just a few clicks. That’s putting your marketing potential in the driver’s seat.

13.) Expert resources

We know what questions buyers are going to ask you and how you should respond. ListingDoor’s goal is to help you be prepared and avoid the pitfalls of making uninformed decisions—the very reasons you might think you need an agent. Our resource center is extensive and based on years of proven techniques of a powerhouse real estate practitioner.

14.) No more barriers—you are in control

To put it simply, the home seller is no longer at the mercy of a real estate agent. Homeowners don’t need a computer science degree or a real estate license to find out what their house is worth. With ListingDoor, the answer is just a few clicks away. Buyers and sellers are now able to get the whole picture and interpret the data themselves, no longer dependent on a real estate agent’s opinion. The curtain has been drawn. The process has been exposed. The consumer is privy to all that was once in the agent’s exclusive control.

15.) No experience necessary

Innovation is rocking the real estate industry. An old school marketing attitude is designed to make selling a home look difficult. Don’t buy into it. You’re taking the power into your own hands with ListingDoor and websites like Trulia, Zillow, and Yahoo! Homes. Buyers and sellers are dealing directly with each other in utterly successful ways. Companies like ListingDoor are clearing the path to successful FSBO home sales, making that process smooth and nearly effortless. And saving you thousands of dollars!

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