Our Mission at ListingDoor is to advocate for homeowners and revolutionize real estate transactions.

Hardworking homeowners invest most of their life’s savings, livelihoods, and future plans into their homes. Selling your home can be one of the most important transactions of your life. ListingDoor demystifies the process to help homeowners accurately price their home, create compelling marketing materials, execute their own transaction, and keep their equity.

No agents, no commission, no interference. Our only goal is to help you keep your equity and get the best price for your home.

Sissy Lappin

Founder, ListingDoor
Best-selling author, Simple And SOLD

Meet Sissy Lappin
ListingDoor Founder & Author

Sissy Lappin has over three decades of experience in the real estate industry, negotiating over $1 billion in property sales. Most agents do not come to touch as many properties and be involved in as many sales throughout their entire career.

After 20 years in the industry, Sissy wrote the book “Simple and SOLD” to shed light on the ends and out of the real estate game and guide people to sell their own homes. The book sold more than 25,000 copies and ranked #1 on Amazon Business and Finance. From here, she moved to the digital landscape to provide homeowners with the platform and tools to execute their own deals, ListingDoor.

As a veteran in this industry, she knows what it takes to be a real estate agent and what homebuyers need in their decision to buy.

Forbes coined ListingDoor as “the Uber of Real Estate,” Sissy has appeared on NBC and ABC and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money, Time, Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal.

Sissy has earned the highest level of trust and respect from her peers, valued clients, and the media. She brings years of experience, deep knowledge of the market, excellent negotiating skills, and expertise in all steps of the process to every client and every transaction.

Sissy’s Book “Simple and SOLD”

“Simple and SOLD” is an insider’s view of the real-estate buying-and-selling process. It demystifies the role of the real estate agent, exposes the tricks of the trade, and offers an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to selling your home just like the pros. We didn’t make the book into a movie, but we did use it as the framework to ListingDoor.

We’re proud to say that “Simple and SOLD” scored as the #1 Business and Finance download among Amazon books during its first year and is continuously updated to current market conditions. As you can imagine, that encouraged us to spread the message even more.

We Created ListingDoor to give homeowners like you a huge break.

It all started a few years ago when a close family friend sent out a distress signal. Her ex-husband had lost his job and defaulted on his child support (three kids), so she needed to sell the home and get every possible dollar out of the sale. As much as she liked me, she said, she couldn’t afford to pay me a commission. Instead of being offended, I invited her to come over with a bottle of wine, and I showed her, step by step, how to price, market and sell her house-and without needing to pay a commission to me or anyone else!

Success Breeds Success!

Before long, she indeed sold the house and ended up with money in the bank.

To see the relief and joy she felt impressed us greatly, and touched us, too. There must be untold others out there who are in the same boat and need someone to toss them a lifeline, too.

Somebody Had To Do It. And We’re Glad To Be The Ones

A service like ours is inevitable for the real estate industry. Just like E-Trade, TurboTax, and Expedia, ListingDoor is a market disruptor. Consumers want tools that facilitate transparent and efficient transactions, where buyers and sellers connect and get the job done without a middleman.

Isn’t it time to finally say goodbye to agents and keep ALL your equity?

With ListingDoor, we provide what you need to sell by owner and save the commission. The end result? A home that sells for top dollar and the commission goes back in your wallet.