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The Story of Stacy. How ListingDoor helped a homeowner like you FSBO her home.

Meet Stacy.

stacy1She had her home listed with a top real estate agent for a long 6 months, which made her feel like it was lost inside a big supermarket of homes. Naturally, she wanted hers to somehow stand out.

She also didn’t want to pay a commission that was actually more than her annual salary!

The first thing Stacy wanted to do was price her home to reflect how the market had gone up in her area. No way did she want to leave money on the table!

Enter ListingDoor to save the day!

With ListingDoor, all she needed to get started was her home address. She didn’t even need to have the size of her home since ListingDoor imported that information directly from her local tax authority.

Let the magic begin!

Stacy uses her own personal market analysis called the ListingDoor “IntelReport™.” It contains the same public data real estate sales records used by professionals which include recent nearby home sales. It’s a perfect starting point for you to determine your home’s value.

Telling her home to “smile!”

Stacy took pictures of her home and uploaded them to ListingDoor. Just by using her smartphone, she got some great tips from ListingDoor on how to take photos that really showcase a home.

Singing the Praise

Then she wrote a short description of her home using words only the “homeowner” who actually experienced life in her wonderful home could write!

Drag and drop fun

Watch out world-class designers…Stacy’s in the house! By simply dragging and dropping the pics that best shows off her house, Stacy finalizes her totally cool sign and brochures that are customized for “her” home.

Then something downright magical happened.

Stacy was feeling like she had control of the process and loving it!

ListingDoor’s really cool and so easy-to-use website produced all her vibrant marketing materials and sent her personalized yard sign and brochures directly to our print partner, FedEx Office, where they were printed and Stacy simply picked them up locally.

Her home was (finally!) getting the individual marketing it deserved.

Then, out of the blue, Stacy‘s daughter had a boyfriend crisis and needed her mom’s advice. That was no biggie since ListingDoor made it easy for Stacy to stop and start.

One of the coolest things about ListingDoor is that it’s on Stacy’s schedule. Like her, you can stop-and-start as needed so there’s no waiting for the real estate agent to get back to you for more information. You are in control of the timing and the transaction.

sell by owner - our ListingDoor printing partner

The power of the Internet will be your new BFF!

This is where the magic really comes together–and you get to see it.

ListingDoor delivers a full spectrum of services. We will:
• Customize a website that showcases your home
• Organize a Facebook ad campaign, complete with user-friendly tools
• Facilitate social sharing with posts that list on top real-estate sites, including Zillow®, Trulia®, Yahoo! Homes
• Help you share your listing with friends so they can post for their friends and contacts to see.

The big bottom line: Stacy’s home got sold!

The process would have been much more difficult without our state-of-the-art automation software that allows you to price, market, and list your home for sale quickly and easily.

Thanks, Stacy, for sharing your story.  Enjoy your new life in San Francisco!

Our mission…

… is to empower you to sell your home with confidence and to keep your hard-earned equity intact. We’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions, easy-to-use tools, plus a roadmap to guide you.

With ListingDoor, we provide what you need to sell by owner and save the commission. The end result? A home that sells for top dollar and the commission goes back in your wallet.

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