Selling a home can be stressful and physically draining. The ultimate blueprint for selling your home. ListingDoor’s 11 ways to get your home sold fast.  To-do items like staging, pricing, and marketing can make the process go smoothly if they are done correctly.  Below is a blueprint to assist you in getting your home sold quickly and for the price you set.

  1. Know what percentage of your equity is going toward your agent’s commission. If the percentage is over 10%, consider either a discount broker or selling your home yourself.
  2. Clean out the clutter- clutter is like living across the street from a strip club, nobody wants to be near it. Store it, toss it or donate it.
  3. Price your home for the market. A recent study by the NAR shows that homes that were sold by their owner sold for closer to the asking price and faster.  The moral of the story: you need to be the one to price your home.  Don’t let an agent price it and then try to talk you down.  See this blog for 3 easy steps to pricing.
  4. Have great marketing that is 100% about your home. The days are gone of letting a real estate firm use your home to advertise their company. Buyers want listing information and they want it fast.  Your sign, brochure, and other advertising should be all about your home and only about your home.
  5. Have a mobile website that is 100% customized for your home, not a link to a real estate firm’s site that shows 100 other homes.  A whopping 94% of all buyers find their home on the web and most of those searches are done on a mobile device.
  6. Have great photos. If McDonalds spends $100,000 photographing a $2 cheeseburger that should tell you how important great photos are.  Selling a home is a visual experience. Buyers start their search looking at 40+ homes and then narrow it down to the 4-5 they want to see.  The average home is shown 8 times or less before it sells.
  7. Have a list of your improvements and why you love your home. With the real estate firms racing towards automation, agent-assisted home selling is becoming less and less of a human transaction (lockboxes, DocuSign, automated messaging). Real estate firms have dumped the personal touch. Explaining why you love your home humanizes the buyer-seller experience.
  8. Disclose anything that needs to be repaired.
  9. Negotiate with grace. We have put together 9 simple rules for negotiating. Go to this blog.
  10. Don’t let the paperwork intimidate you. Remember they are promulgated fill-in-the blank forms. The one comment we hear over and over is that the paperwork is easy. Many home sellers mistake it for the paperwork they must fill out when buying a home.  In that situation, you were borrowing money. The lender did have a mound of documents because they were lending you a large sum of money.
  11. Closing act etiquette: always turn your home over in pristine condition.