Is Your Home Photogenic? Get Your Home Photo-Ready with This Handy Checklist


  • Remove fridge magnets and have nothing hanging on the refrigerator (kids’ art work, invitations, etc.)
  • Remove kitchen towels that are hanging
  • Clear counter tops-no clutter
  • Clear away small appliances such as toasters and blenders
  • No pots or pans on stove top
  • Remove trash can
  • Note: Removing clutter helps to make your home look larger and helps a potential buyer to picture their own belongings in your home.

Bathroom & Laundry

  • Remove toiletries from vanity and shampoo bottles etc. from shower/bathtub-no bath products out.
  • Clean mirrors
  • Remove laundry baskets and trash can
  • Either remove bath mats or match with towels
  • Have towels hanging neatly on towel rails
  • Close shower curtain
  • Toilet lids down

Living Areas

  • Remove any photographs- minimal accessories on tables
  • Remove baskets/containers that have magazines, throw blankets, etc.
  • Remove some furniture and rugs if in a small space. It will make the house appear seem bigger
  • Remove any items than might offend potential buyers (political, animal heads, etc.)
  • Replace any missing light bulbs throughout the house
  • Remove pet bowls, bedding, kennels, liter boxes, etc.


  • Beds are to be made
  • Pack away any kids toys
  • Clear any table tops of toiletries, photos and clothing
  • Remove any valuable items such as jewelry and put in a safe place
  • Remove everything from bedside tables except bedside lamps
  • Open drapes or blinds
  • Note: When it comes to accessories on a table-less is more. No more than 2 per table.


  • Garage doors closed
  • No cars in driveway or in front of house
  • Put bicycles, hose, garden tools, pool toys in garage
  • Put trash cans out of sight
  • Clean pool (if applicable)
  • Arrange patio furniture neatly