If you’re considering selling your home, whether on your own or with an agent, a strong knowledge of what to expect- and when- will go a long way with our handy timeline.


  • Start visiting open houses
  • Research what homes are selling for
  • Research what homes are available for sale
  • Start cleaning out closets, drawers, and garage
  • Make a list and start repairs
  • Have paint touched up


  • Start working on marketing material
  • Measure room sizes and verify square-footage of home and lot
  • Write description of your home include short paragraph of why it is special
  • Photograph home
  • Makes sure address is visible from street
  • Work on exterior curb appeal
  • Make a list of any exclusions


  • Order custom sign about your home
  • Create and print brochure (include sales price and exclusions)
    • Color copies for potential buyers who set appointments
    • Black and white copies for information tube attached to yard sign
  • Fill out a seller’s disclosure and make copies to attach to your color copies
  • Create custom web sit for your home that is mobile friendly


  • Social media blitz
    • Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
    • Email blast asking for friends to forward if they know of a potential buyer with link to web site. Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends to post to their Facebook pages as well.
  • Have voicemail set up if you cannot take the calls with a brief description and price


  • Social sharing and listing on top real estate sites-Zillow & Yahoo!Homes
  • Put sign in yard