Lights, Action, SOLD!

Dull lighting – or no lighting at all – can make or spoil an impression when prospective buyers come a-calling. Areas in your home you want the buyer to focus on should be well lit. Its easy to use lighting to your best advantage. We’ll shed some light on the subject.

As a general rule, dull lighting can make a room look dingy and depressing. It can de-emphasize home’s features you want to show off. The kitchen, in particular, is where you want the lights to be bright. Using lighting in strategically placed areas such as entryways can add drama.

Here’s where the artist in you comes in. You can choose incandescent light, which emits a warm, soft light, CFLs (Compact Florescent Lights) which come in a range of hues and brightness levels, LED (Light Emitting Diode) which emits light in a specific direction and offers more hue options, and Halogen lighting for crisp white light.

The light fixture itself can serve many design and practical purposes. Tall thin Torchiere floor lamps give stunning indirect light – perfect for the living room, den, bedrooms and family room. You can buy inexpensive lamps at Ikea, West Elm, and Target.  Torch lighting mounted on the walls of hallways and galleries can accent paintings and other works of art. Other vanity lighting such as wall sconces is a decorative accent to bathrooms, hallways and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor landscaping lighting and floodlights add security and drama to walkways, stairs and decks – something that doesn’t go unnoticed by buyers because most buyers will drive by at night when they love a home.

Using lighting to impress buyers is a bright idea. It’s your decorating paintbrush. Create a specific mood to draw your buyer’s attention in each room.

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