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The Crumbling of the 6% Commission

3 Options for Selling Your Home As a home seller, understanding your options is the first step in deciding whether you should sell your home yourself through a service that helps you with the process for $350-$900, use a discount broker for a typical fee of $300-$500 plus a 4-5% commission of your home’s value, or [...]

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2016 Paint Color of the Year

Like Adelweiss, your paint color should be "Strong and white, clean and bright..." Have you been wracking your brain trying to choose the "right white," or the perfect combination of beige + gray (aka "greige")? We getcha.  Choosing a paint color means commitment, and when you're selling your home, it can mean the difference between sunk [...]

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Lessons You Can Learn From Charming Charlie About Selling Your Own Home

How to Stage Your Home Like a Retail Mastermind Selling your own home is a lot like retail merchandising. You want to have what buyers want, offer it at a good price, present it in an attractive environment, and give everyone a positive personal experience. Homeowners can learn some important lessons from the young Thai-American [...]

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Preparing for a Home Inspection – What You Need to Know

A home inspection can feel a little scary. Visions of Sherlock Holmes looking under your water heater with a flashlight may send you into a panic. Don’t worry; even though some buyers make the mistake of thinking the inspection as a way of getting their repair wish list, sellers are not required to have a [...]

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Get Sales Mileage from Your Home Improvements With a List

“Seeing is believing.” “A picture is worth a thousand words.” “I’ll know it when I see it.” These adages are not just inspirational clichés. It’s true that a buyer’s upfront and personal experience as they pull up the driveway and walk through your door speaks volumes. But are they the ultimate deciding factors in selling [...]

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What Real Estate Agents Do That You Can Do Too!

Today’s real estate agent primarily acts as a middleman, relaying information between the buyer and seller. Real estate agents perform routine tasks to set up the listing, act as a scheduler for buyers to see the house, and handle the paperwork of the sale. Do these duties justify a 3% sales commission (and another 3% [...]

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