When Selling Your Home – It’s All About Curb Appeal

People love to feel good when they see their home, so if you’re selling your home you’ll want to make sure your home has good curb appeal and feels inviting to potential buyers.

It’s always best to create a welcoming entrance – it is arguably the most effective way to sell your home faster. If you don’t immediately impress potential buyers as they arrive at the home, you’re setting yourself up for a tough sell once they get inside (if they even go inside)!


Here are a few tips that will instantly improve curb appeal:

  • Remove weeds and make sure plantings are trimmed and don’t appear overgrown
  • Put away your hoses, trashcans, and recycling and blow away leaves
  • Walk around the exterior of your house with the eyes of an inspector. Your gutters have to be clean and your tree branches shouldn’t be touching the windows or roof
  • Replace old address numbers with modern exterior ones. This is a quick, inexpensive, and impactful update
  • Paint the front door and remove any excessive decoration
  • Part of an appealing entrance is what you don’t see. Make sure your entrance is clear of any shoes, keys, mail, etc.


Remember, many buyers will go online and find homes they are interested in and then do a “drive-by” after work to see the home and get familiar with the area. That drive-by is your first impression for that potential buyer. Make sure at dusk you turn on the lights (and ensure all the lights are working) so that if the buyer sees your home at night the lighting is inviting and pleasing.

Want more guaranteed ways to improve the appearance – and increase the price – of your home with DIY ideas? You can’t go wrong with any of these suggestions from Bob Vila. And the pictures are inspiring – you’ll find something you love!

The exterior of your home is truly the first impression so we want to make sure your home’s impression is a good one.


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