Refinish Your Front Door For Those Who Come Knocking

What’s the first thing a buyer sees before entering your home?: Your front door. Don’t disappoint them before they’ve had a chance to enter. A well-maintained door is a reflection that your home is well-kept. If your door has chipped paint, a varnish that’s faded, scratched or worn, looks neglected or weather-beaten, fix it. Impress the person who may be the next owner of your home.

Sometimes a power washer is all that’s needed to let the beauty of your door resurface. If that doesn’t do the trick, apply a fresh coat of paint, or re-stain and re-varnish. For a cheap, quick fix, a dark furniture polish can be used to touch up any chips or wear on the door.

If you would rather paint, choose an inviting color, one that complements the hues of the brick, wood or siding of the house and trim. If your door is wood and there is a patchy area with dog or cat scratches, you may just need to apply stain and varnish to that section only. If the whole door is in need of a makeover, replace its natural sheen by sanding, staining, and varnishing.

Replace old door hardware with new. These minor finishing touches can add surprising glamour and an updated feel, especially to an older home.

Give your front door a little attention or a minor makeover without having to replace it. The next buyer to enter it may be around again with the keys to unlock it.

A product we love to use is Old English Scratch Cover. It covers up any scratches or nicks, restoring your doors natural look and beauty.


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