You might be surprised – it is not what you think.

You visit websites and look for all the tips and tricks to selling a home. You think it’s the location, the price, the condition – and YES, these all play a part in the sale of your home. Now let’s look at a few less applied tips – and they are just as (if not more) important to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

And this is why a lot of real estate agents have it all wrong.

The playing field has changed – make sure you are playing with the new rules. It will make all the difference in the impact you have when selling your home.

Here’s 5 Things to Remember When Selling Your Home!

1. Selling a home has become a very visual experience. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Think of how visual we have become with Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Everyday we become more and more visually trained. And, I bet you’ve noticed too, there has been an increase of home sales being done via these very visual sites.

2. Good photos and graphics breathe life into your home-selling. A home creates an emotional state, and you want that emotion to be a good feeling. A place to make memories – and that should be your inspiration when presenting your home for sale on any site. This is why it is so important – and valuable – to make sure the photos you use are the best they can be.  It really helps so when that buyer who saw your home online does step foot in your house, you know they already have a feeling it could be “home.”

3. In our current world of instant gratification, people want information and answers about the house – and they want them NOW. When they have to call a real estate agent for those answers, they either get frustrated because they can’t reach the agent, or they feel the bait and switch. Let’s face it, people want to deal with someone they like and trust – I know I do. And this unavailability, or smokescreen, is what buyers have said causes them to be suspicious of real estate agents.  Heck, even the Gallup poll confirms real estate agents score low on the honesty rating.

4. Small is the new big. Old marketing strategies are obsolete and mass marketing does not work. People know what they want and you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Know your audience and use targeted marketing – it is imperative!

5. People want to deal with people. We live in a high tech, low touch society. We have almost become numb and we are all begging for human connections. Real estate has lost that human interaction. With the new automated systems, you may only see your agent 2 times during the entire sales process – once when they meet you for the listing consultation, and then when you are at the closing table.

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