Cheap and Easy Staging Ideas for Selling Your Home

You may think you need to spend a lot of money to stage your home. We’re here to show you there are easy and inexpensive ways to stage your home so it is seen in its best light. These tips will give you the best “bang-for-your-buck” staging ideas without breaking the bank.

Buyers shop around and typically see about 6 homes before making an offer. Use this to your advantage and make sure they remember your house for the right reasons.

Use these staging tips before showing your home!

  • Know Your Buyer:  People will buy the house that makes them feel good
  • Go to HGTV’s website or Pinterest:  Search “staging” to learn more about enhancing the look of the rooms
  • Make It Comfy – Buyers want a home they can see themselves in:
    a. Don’t distract them with personal items
    b. Remove anything too political or cutesy
  • Remember Deferred Maintenance:
    a. Make sure you fix that broken window or ripped screen door
    b. Review your house as a potential buyer would – and fix any stand-outs
  • Be Careful With Scents: Some people hate scented candles. Just make sure your house looks and smells clean, you don’t want any smell, good or bad, distracting them
  • No Bright Colors: Repaint to neutral shades if possible. Again don’t distract the buyer
  • Remove Valuables: Do not have valuables out and visible
  • Stage Bathrooms: Toilet seats down. Clean or brand new towels and bathmats; not to be used before showing
  • Include Special Stories: Leave a card with one or two sentences describing a special light fixture etc.
  • Buyers Are Nosey: They will open closets and cabinets, drawers and closets. Try to clean up the clutter so they can seem more spacious
  • Clearly Visible Street Number: Repaint if necessary
  • Buy New Welcome Mat: It’s the first thing people see – make a good impression
  • Remove Kids Toys: Clean-up, put away, give away, donate
  • Clean Garage: It should be open to park cars vs. a storage unit
  • Laundry Basket Cleanup: We’re not perfect. If you find there is some last minute clutter, papers, toys, etc. that need cleaning fast – scoop them into an empty laundry basket and put it in the back of your car during the showing

Click here for our ListingDoor—Ready-to-Show-Checklist

And if you want more ideas you can’t go wrong with expert Martha Stewart’s Cleaning Tips.

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