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Tips for selling your home FSBO in 30 days

Tips for selling your home FSBO. So, you’ve bought another home, or found out you’re being transferred to another city or state, and you need to sell your home fast! You can sell your home FSBO-style in 30 days or less, provided you follow some simple but important steps. Begin by preparing your home for [...]

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6 Tips for Getting Top Dollar When Selling Your Home FSBO

Top dollar for your FSBO home sale. Whether or not you’ve sold a home FSBO-style before, you can make top dollar if you follow some tips from successful home sellers. Making top dollar may require some time and money invested on your part, but in the end, it will pay off when your house sells [...]

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The Crumbling of the 6% Commission

3 Options for Selling Your Home As a home seller, understanding your options is the first step in deciding whether you should sell your home yourself through a service that helps you with the process for $350-$900, use a discount broker for a typical fee of $300-$500 plus a 4-5% commission of your home’s value, or [...]

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Get Sales Mileage from Your Home Improvements With a List

“Seeing is believing.” “A picture is worth a thousand words.” “I’ll know it when I see it.” These adages are not just inspirational clichés. It’s true that a buyer’s upfront and personal experience as they pull up the driveway and walk through your door speaks volumes. But are they the ultimate deciding factors in selling [...]

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Safety is Key When Showing Your House: Use These Simple Tips

It’s a concern that there’s not much talk, if any, about safety when it comes time for showing your house. The reason why real estate firms don’t address the issue is because they use the calls off yard signs as a prospecting tool. But I believe safety needs to come first when showing. Part of the reason [...]

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3 Ways FSBO Sellers Can Establish a Home’s True Market Value

Have you made the decision to sell your home FSBO? If so, the next step is to establish your property’s market value, an essential part of the for sale by owner (FSBO) process. Here are three ways to help you determine the true market value of your home 1. First, check your property tax statement to [...]

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Do FSBO Sellers Benefit from Holding an Open House?

For FSBO sellers, there are two schools of thought on the value of holding an open house. Some people, including real estate agents, think they’re a waste of time and attract only nosy neighbors, rather than qualified potential buyers. I think the decision to hold an open house when you’re an FSBO seller is a [...]

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7 Tips for a Successful FSBO Selling Strategy

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) only 36 percent of today’s homebuyers first find the home they end up purchasing through a real estate agent. Enlisting an FSBO site like ListingDoor.com is actually the most effective way to achieve a successful FSBO selling strategy. As the number of FSBO sales continues to rise, [...]

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Top 10-Plus Paint colors for Dressing Up Your Home for a FSBO sale

When selling your house for sale by owner (FSBO), if you had to pick one thing that would dramatically change the look of your home, that thing would be paint. Think of paint as the colors on an artist’s palette and your home as the canvas. Think about how you’re going to wow buyers with [...]

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Lessons in the Zen of Decluttering

How to Get Your Home Crazy Organized There’s a kind of bliss that comes from tidying up and getting rid of all the stuff in your home that’s taking up your interior real estate. The purging is an emotional activity, and it’s a good feeling. Best of all, you’re not only doing it for the [...]