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No hidden fees—No commission—Lots of help

Everything you need to sell and market your home for sale by owner without the hassle of a real estate agent. Step-by-step instruction takes away all the guesswork in DIY home selling. We combine the best practices of real estate with today’s technology to help you sell your home like a pro. No hidden fees or commission. Ensuring you keep your equity.

ListingDoor provides you with professional for sale by owner marketing tools

Helping you set the right price for your home has never been any easier with our IntelReport using industry standard data.

Create vibrant for sale by owner marketing and signage

Create vibrant marketing materials that puts your home on the runway. All customized for your home and delivered to your neighborhood FedEx Office.

ListingDoor provides you with the tools to sell your home for sale by owner

ListingDoor delivers a customized website for your home, creates Facebook ad campaign and posts your home “for sale by owner” on all top real estate sites, including Zillow & Trulia.

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ListingDoor Helped Me Sell My House Fast!

“It’s stylish, visual, and effective” …Carol

“User friendly-led me along the path”…Stacy

“Much easier than a real estate agent”…Helen

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Discover the True Cost of Selling Your Home

For the average home seller, paying real estate agent commission means a 40-60% loss in equity. For every 100,000 your home is worth, an agent takes on average $6,000 out of your equity. How much of your equity is at stake? Use our Lost Equity Calculator below to find out the true cost of selling your home with a real estate agent. List your home for sale by owner with ListingDoor and keep your equity.

Find Out How Much Of Your Equity Is At Stake