Remember the House With the Red?

Why should you choose neutral paint colors to sell your house? Because you don’t want to be “that” house!

“You know “that” house, the one with the bright purple bedroom, red kitchen or dark green bathroom? I like it, but it needs work.”

Dark and drab colors are depressing. Bold colors make people think about the work that will have to be done to prime and paint over the walls. When the phrase “needs work” passes through a buyers mind, they will also be more likely to submit a lower offer.

You want potential buyers to remember your home for all the right reasons. So let’s look at some inexpensive home staging tips that won’t break the bank.  Light, neutral paint colors are mood boosters. People will remember a house that makes them feel good. People love bright and clean. Painting the walls a lighter, neutral shade will instantly make a room look cleaner and happier. Dark, dinged up trim can also be painted for an instant update. Buyers think of a freshly painted home as updated. Updated homes bring higher offers than outdated houses.

The decorators agree, and the top paint lines like Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Glidden have their favorite neutral paint colors.

Can’t paint? Add light!

If you can’t paint a room, buy more lamps and turn them on. Every light in your home should be on when buyers are walking through, even closet lights. A dark room with dark walls is worse than a bright room with dark walls, so bring in the lamps!

If you have dark, heavy drapes box them up for the next house! Choose neutral, light window treatments that let in the light and keep them open during showings. Buyers will choose the house that makes them feel the right emotion, and bright is a happy emotion.

No one loves to paint, but the time you invest in repainting bold and bright colors can help reduce your home’s time on the market and increase your sales price!


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