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“We’d love to help you
laugh all the way to the bank!”

We’re Mark and Sissy Lappin, a couple of 20+ year real-estate veterans and all-around fun-lovin’ free spirits. It’s our nature to enjoy ourselves and to figure out ways to enjoy life even more!

Meet Our Team - Sissy Lappin - ListingDoor


Meet Our Team - Mark Lappin - ListingDoor


We created ListingDoor to give homeowners like you a huge break.

It all started a few years ago when a close family friend sent out a distress signal. Her ex-husband had lost his job and defaulted on his child support (three kids), so she needed to sell the home and get every possible dollar out of the sale. As much as she liked me, she said, she couldn’t afford to pay me a commission. Instead of being offended, I invited her to come over with a bottle of wine, and I showed her, step by step, how to price, market and sell her house–and without needing to pay a commission to me or anyone else!

Success breeds success!

Before long, she indeed sold the house and ended up with money in the bank.

To see the relief and joy she felt impressed us greatly, and touched us, too. There must be untold others out there who are in the same boat and need someone to toss them a lifeline, too.

So we thought: why not us?

After all, we knew the real estate business inside and out. Starting with Sissy.

For over 25 years, Sissy has owned and operated one of the most successful brokerage firms in America. It even ranks #1 in “Most Expensive Homes Sold” by the Houston Business Journal.

So she wrote a book describing an efficient, cost-effective, easy-to-do-it-yourself alternative that would enable homeowners to choose what’s best for their situation and save a lot of money in the deal.

Sissy’s book “Simple and Sold” was downloaded over 14,000 times on Amazon in just three months!

SimpleandSold-3D-Book-Cover-200x320(1)“Simple and Sold” is an insider’s view of the real-estate buying-and-selling process. It demystifies the role of the real estate agent, exposes the tricks of the trade and offers an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to selling your home just like the pros.

We didn’t make the book into a movie, but we did use it to create this website.

We’re proud to say that “Simple and Sold” scored as the #1 Business and Finance download among Amazon books during June 2013. As you can imagine, that encouraged us to spread the message even more.

Enter Mark, champion of simplification and ardent advocate on behalf of the underdog.

Mark’s passion is to automate business processes so they’re accessible and affordable to any and all. With his background and expertise in technology, it was the ideal match with Sissy’s real estate expertise. They are the perfect team to create ListingDoor.

So now you can do all this yourself fast-and-easy online.

Thanks to the wonderfully easy processes Mark and his incredibly talented and innovative team created, homeowners like you can simply go online and, in less than an hour, complete the whole process: price, list, market, and sell your own home.

Click here and see how.

Somebody had to do it. And we’re glad to be the ones.

A service like ours is inevitable for the real estate industry. Just look at what E-trade, Legal Zoom, TurboTax, and Expedia did for their industries. Consumers want tools that facilitate transparent and efficient transactions, where buyers and sellers connect themselves and get the job done without a middleman.

And even though others will follow, they’ll have a tough act to follow in terms of the processes Mark has designed. He was ahead of the game then, and he’ll continue to be, as he keeps working to make our systems and automation even better.

We’d love to hear from you!

We hope that your visit to our website comes just when you’re faced with, what feels to be, the daunting prospect of selling your home without it costing too much. If you need someone to provide real help and guidance, we very much want to be that someone for you.

We invite you to contact us and get the ball rolling. You have nothing to lose… and so much to gain!

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With ListingDoor, we provide what you need to sell your own home and save the commission. The end result? A home that sells for top dollar and the commission goes back in your wallet.

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