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So, I’ve got an idea…

Developed by real estate brokers, listingdoor.com is not a real estate firm. However, we do believe the best thing we can do in today’s real estate industry is help homeowners to sell their own properties. We wanted to put the control back in the hands of the homeowner.

That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on sharing industry knowledge and creating the ultimate support for your home selling experience at a fraction of the traditional expense.

sell your own home with ListingDoor

The Reality

You decide to FSBO your home. You spend hours that lead to days trying to gather comparable sales, all the while hoping the data is accurate and not out of date. Our ListingDoor IntelReport is a complete market analysis, giving homeowners access to the same data as agents and appraisers, making pricing your home quick and easy. Don’t be fooled, your home price is not dependent on a real estate agent’s opinion. With ListingDoor, you get a true, unbiased, sense of what your house is worth.

Why ListingDoor

Selling a home is a visual experience, and it’s hard to correct a negative first impression.  With ListingDoor, you can bypass the generic red and white sign from the hardware store that screams, “I’m desperate to sell my home as quickly as possible, so come take advantage of me.” In minutes, you can create a sign that reflects your home and gives detailed, personalized information. In addition, professional high-quality listing brochures are printed and picked up the next day by our print partner, FedEx Office.  But sellers want more than just a glossy sign and fancy brochures.  So, ListingDoor provides homeowners with a custom website, featuring only their home, with up to 24 images.  Then, with a push of a button, your home is blasted out to all top real estate sites like Zillow®, Yahoo! Homes, Trulia, and more.

Industry experts agree: social media marketing is the new MLS. Homeowners know they can be more effective using social media to get the word out. ListingDoor makes social sharing easy. Your custom ListingDoor website makes social sharing just a click away.

With ListingDoor, we provide what you need to sell your own home and save the commission. The end result? A home that sells for top dollar and the commission goes back in your wallet.

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