In response to the growing number of homeowners across the U.S. entering into the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market in order to maximize their home sale profits, veteran real estate broker and author Sissy Lappin and her husband Mark launched ListingDoor.

HOUSTON, April 26, 2016–A growing number of homeowners across the U.S. are entering into the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market in order to maximize their home sale profits. According to a CNNMoney article titled, “For sale by owner: Homeowners ditching brokers,” saving $10,000 to $12,000 or more on real estate agent fees provides plenty of incentive for homeowners to go it alone when it comes time to sell.

In response to this boom, veteran real estate broker and author Sissy Lappin and her husband Mark, a business process automation expert who has worked with Fortune 500 enterprises, launched ListingDoor. com, an online FSBO site that provides profitable and powerful sales tools for homeowners, giving them everything they need to successfully sell their home on their own.

“Most existing FSBO sites do nothing more than list the home for a flat fee,” says Lappin, founder of “What’s missing is an FSBO solution that guides homeowners from the time they decide to sell their property until the new owners move in – a streamlined process to ensure success.

“Homeowners now have a game-changing solution that Forbes suggests might be the “Uber for real estate”—”

According to Lappin, the best person to disrupt an industry that severely restricts profit potential for consumers is someone who has long worked in that industry. Previous efforts to disrupt the real estate industry’s monopoly on home sales were led by people from outside the industry.

Today, homeowners have the ability to access all the same market information that real estate agents used to make off-limits to outsiders, allowing homeowners to efficiently determine the value of their home and market it themselves online, eliminating any justification for hiring a real estate agent, paying high commissions and losing valuable home equity.

Lappin has negotiated more than half a billion dollars in real estate sales nationwide, and written an FSBO guidebook “Simple and Sold” that has been downloaded more than 17,000 times from cost-effectively empowers FSBO sellers by providing all the information necessary for homeowners to price their homes and create a stellar listing, while providing the insider advice they need to succeed, all in one place. ListingDoor combines the best real estate industry practices with today’s technology in order for homeowners to sell their own homes like pros. provides information to:

  • Price a home with up-to-date market data and advice on how to use this data; setting the right price for a home has never been easier, so homeowners can strategically price their property to generate top dollar offers.
  • Build a personalized listing, create and print vibrant and professional brochures, plus attention-getting “For Sale “ signage built with “drag-n-drop” ease, and ready for pick-up at a neighborhood Fed Ex, usually within 48 hours.
  • “Tell the world” social sharing capabilities. Extensive online and social media marketing, including a custom website (mobile friendly) with up to 24 high-resolution images, Facebook ad campaigns, social sharing, and posting on top real estate websites (AOL Real Estate, Zillow®, Yahoo! Homes, etc.), all with 1-click publishing.
  • Expert resources, including step-by-step advice on how to sell a home the right way, based on 25+ years of industry experience. Information on everything from how to declutter to choosing a title company. Designed to help homeowners at any level of experience to perform like a real estate pro, and how to avoid the costly pitfalls that the majority of homeowners experience when they use a real estate agent.

“On average, real estate agent commissions are $6,000 for every $100K a home is worth,” says Lappin. “In this context, a real estate commission should be seen for what it really is—a loss of as much as 40 to 50 percent of home equity.

“Americans need to preserve their home equity, it’s like a 401(K), a financial Holy Grail, and keep their hard-earned money where it truly belongs: with them.”

Studies support Lappin’s view that for many sellers, real estate agents are not just of questionable value, but may be outright counter-productive. For instance, research from the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that FSBO sellers enjoy a higher sales price compared to those who used a real estate agent. A 2013 Oxford University study about the future of employment, 97 percent of real estate brokers jobs are at risk due to computerization.

“We’ve already seen how solutions like E*Trade, Legal Zoom and Turbo Tax have wrestled power away from middlemen, and put it in the hands of consumers,” Lappin says. “ was built by real estate and FSBO experts to finally bring similar change to the real estate world.”

According to Lappin, not all sellers may want or need to take the FSBO route. But for the increasing number of people who do, offers everything they need in one place, and at a low cost.”

To learn more, visit the website, email sissy(at)listingdoor(dot)com, or call 713-922-0602.

About’s mission is to set new standards for the real estate industry by providing a smart, cost effective alternative so homeowners can choose what is best for their situation.

Founded in 2014 by real estate veteran, Sissy Lappin and her husband Mark Lappin, a business process automation expert who has worked with Fortune 500 enterprises, earned recognition from Forbes Magazine in December, 2014 when it was named a top contender to become “The Next Uber” for real estate sales. Lappin’s Book, “SIMPLE AND SOLD,” achieved No.1 Bestseller status on

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