Discover True Cost of Selling Your Home

For the average home seller, paying real estate agent commission means a 40-60% loss in equity. For every 100,000 your home is worth, an agent takes on average $6,000 out of your equity. How much of your equity is at stake? Use our Lost Equity Calculator below to find out the true cost of selling your home with a real estate agent. List your home FSBO with ListingDoor and keep your equity.

[tooltips content=”Move slider bar left-right OR click box to type”]Enter[/tooltips] the real estate commission rate (typically 6-7%), your home’s value, and [tooltips content=”If you have multiple mortgages, enter combined total”]total[/tooltips] mortgage amount owed in the calculator to reveal the true cost of selling your home and how much equity you are losing if you decide to pay commission to a real estate agent.

True Cost of Selling
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