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Final Home Inspection Tips for the FSBO Seller

  How to Ensure a Breezy Walk-Through Inspection You’re nearing the final stretch of selling your home solo. It’s been an exciting and demanding journey, you’ve found a buyer, negotiated a price and you’re ready to close. But first, there’s the final walk-through. As a For Sale By Wwner (FSBO) seller, you’re almost sure to [...]

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Why Isn’t My House Selling?

The question we’re asked at ListingDoor so many times is "Why won’t my house sell?” These are mostly folks who hired real estate agent and were disappointed, and are ready to try something different. What we tell them – and all homeowners we talk to – there are three big reasons their house won't sell. The mistakes have [...]

With 92 percent of Consumers Searching Online for Their Next Home, FSBO Comes of Age

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is all grown up. Thanks to some pretty powerful technology and an ever-growing population of tech savvy and informed consumers, the time to challenge the status quo has arrived. The flood gates opened significantly over the past two years, when consumer use of online real estate searches reached an all-time [...]

4 of the Real Estate Industry’s Biggest FSBO Myths, Countered by Facts

The NAR has been called one of the largest fact fabricators in the real estate industry.

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Is Your Home-Selling Agent a Super Hero or Just Collecting Fees?

Is your home-selling agent a superhero? As a property owner or investor, are you prepared to hand over the job of selling your home to someone who may list it for less than it’s worth, or skimp on the time spent marketing your listing—or both? I asked myself that question—and others—as I read a recent [...]

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New ListingDoor.com’s End-to-End FSBO Solution Meets Growing Demand for No-agent Real Estate Sales

 In response to the growing number of homeowners across the U.S. entering into the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market in order to maximize their home sale profits, veteran real estate broker and author Sissy Lappin and her husband Mark launched ListingDoor. HOUSTON, April 26, 2016--A growing number of homeowners across the U.S. are entering [...]

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FSBO Timeline: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell and Maximizing your Home Value

Some homeowners consider the preparation to be the most dreaded part of selling their home, whether it’s an FSBO sale or otherwise; but it really doesn’t have to be. Planning ahead with our For Sale By Owner (FSBO timeline) can make all the difference in getting your house ready to attract buyers and earn top [...]

Real Estate: FSBO or Agent? The Difference Between Hope and Helplessness is 6 Percent

Why consider selling your home for sale by owner (FSBO)-style? When it comes down to your next real estate transaction, that 6 percent commission that might seem so insignificant when you first speak to a realtor about selling your home, but it can make a world of difference when it comes down to saving yourself [...]

  • The IRS Home Sale Exclusion - How the Real Estate Commission Reduces It

The IRS Home Sale Exclusion – How the Real Estate Commission Reduces It

If you reach a point where you are ready to sell your home and "cash out" - and do something other than buying a new replacement home - the IRS has a gift for you. Under the IRS home sale exclusion, you may sell your home and pocket a gain on the sale for up [...]