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FSBOs Beware; Tricksters Are Eyeing Your Commission

How Wiley Agents are Conning FSBO Sellers I got a call the other day from a Listing Door user who said that she had received over 20 phone calls after building her listing with us and having it pushed to Zillow. Marketing seminars are now promoting a clever real estate strategy to agents: showing them how [...]

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Spring Into Action and Get Your House Sold as Winter Fades

Key Takeaways Spring is the prime season in which to sell your home. A clean and neat home adds more value than any other improvement. Home buyers dislike clutter. Decide which repairs you can fix yourself, which require a professional, and get them done.   Buyers come out of the woodwork to house hunt in [...]

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6 Solid Reasons Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold Within the Last Two Weeks

Key Takeaways If you take care of the controllable factors that affect the sale of your home, buyers will come soon. Don’t think something is wrong if your house doesn’t sell in the first two weeks. Three to four months is the norm. When you take control of the selling process instead of leaving it [...]

What Stays and What Gets Excluded When Selling Your Home?

Should it stay, or should it go? Packing up and moving can be stressful, but getting into a tiff with the new owner over whether or not the washer and dryer were included can be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. Read on for some guidelines on what stays, and what goes. Rule [...]

What to Do When You Receive Multiple Offers

Key Takeaways You can be fair and honest in your treatment, lighten your buyers’ feelings and concerns, and still walk away with the best deal. Respond quickly and openly to your all parties interested in putting in an offer on your home. Explain the situation and make a counter offer. The most common way of [...]

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Kelly’s FSBO Lessons – What Not to Do

We are all about empowering consumers – and that includes sharing "what not to do" when selling your home.  So let’s look at our friend Kelly and learn from her mistakes so you can sell your home the right way – the first time. Keys to Pricing Your Home Right We’ve said it before – [...]

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FSBO First, Relax, and Let the Power of Self-Selling Work For You

The Reality of Home Selling There’s a lot of marketing hype and social gossip about how homes are “flying off the shelves.”  When you watch Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing,” homes are either sold by the first commercial break or some secret investor calls on the phone and buys the property sight unseen, wiring the money [...]

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Sell Your Own House Without a Realtor

This is an article by Real Estate Tech News about ListingDoor's technology and how we are giving sellers the opportunity to sell their own house like a real estate professional. ListingDoor's program provides you with step-by-step instruction and IntelReports that use the same data used by appraisers and real estate agents. The tools included will [...]

What This For Sale Sign Really Says

Is your home’s for sale sign sabotaging your sales price? Visuals matter, and it’s hard to correct a negative first impression. Your home’s for sale sign has one job to do! Sell your house fast!   The red & white that makes you blue… Thinking of running to the hardware store and grabbing a few [...]

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  • The IRS Home Sale Exclusion - How the Real Estate Commission Reduces It

The IRS Home Sale Exclusion – How the Real Estate Commission Reduces It

If you reach a point where you are ready to sell your home and "cash out" - and do something other than buying a new replacement home - the IRS has a gift for you. Under the IRS home sale exclusion, you may sell your home and pocket a gain on the sale for up [...]