Lessons You Can Learn From Charming Charlie About Selling Your Own Home

How to Stage Your Home Like a Retail Mastermind Selling your own home is a lot like retail merchandising. You want to have what buyers want, offer it at a good price, present it in an attractive environment, and give everyone a positive personal experience. Homeowners can learn some important lessons from the young Thai-American […]

Top 10-Plus Paint colors for Dressing Up Your Home for a FSBO sale

When selling your house for sale by owner (FSBO), if you had to pick one thing that would dramatically change the look of your home, that thing would be paint. Think of paint as the colors on an artist’s palette and your home as the canvas. Think about how you’re going to wow buyers with […]

Lessons in the Zen of Decluttering

clean home, peaceful, organized

How to Get Your Home Crazy Organized There’s a kind of bliss that comes from tidying up and getting rid of all the stuff in your home that’s taking up your interior real estate. The purging is an emotional activity, and it’s a good feeling. Best of all, you’re not only doing it for the […]

Lights, Action, SOLD!

Dull lighting – or no lighting at all – can make or spoil an impression when prospective buyers come a-calling. Areas in your home you want the buyer to focus on should be well lit. Its easy to use lighting to your best advantage. We’ll shed some light on the subject. As a general rule, […]

Checklist for Getting Your Home Photo-Ready

Is Your Home Photogenic? Get Your Home Photo-Ready with This Handy Checklist Kitchen Remove fridge magnets and have nothing hanging on the refrigerator (kids’ art work, invitations, etc.) Remove kitchen towels that are hanging Clear counter tops-no clutter Clear away small appliances such as toasters and blenders No pots or pans on stove top Remove […]

Home Staging to Attract Buyers and Maximize Sale Price

home staging

If you’re looking to sell your home faster and outshine your competition, home staging can go a long way toward that end. But first, start with paint, updated flooring, and replacing light fixtures, all inexpensive ways to refresh and renew a home without the hefty investment of replacing existing kitchens or bathrooms. A fresh coat […]

Refinish Your Front Door For Those Who Come Knocking

What’s the first thing a buyer sees before entering your home?: Your front door. Don’t disappoint them before they’ve had a chance to enter. A well-maintained door is a reflection that your home is well-kept. If your door has chipped paint, a varnish that’s faded, scratched or worn, looks neglected or weather-beaten, fix it. Impress […]

6 Solid Reasons Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold Within the Last Two Weeks

FSBO timeline countdown to listing your home

Key Takeaways If you take care of the controllable factors that affect the sale of your home, buyers will come soon. Don’t think something is wrong if your house doesn’t sell in the first two weeks. Three to four months is the norm. When you take control of the selling process instead of leaving it […]

What’s Hot on the Housing Market – Top Interior Design Elements That Are Trending Now

Top Interior Design Elements That Are Trending Now From interior design to landscaping, updating your home to follow currents trends may help sell your home quickly and for a better price. You may see many of the following design elements as you scroll through your Pinterest feed. Follow our Pinterest for even more design ideas! Kitchen Cabinets […]