Animal Heads Sabotage Home Sale

animal heads

How Bambi is Keeping Your Home from Selling

If you have a deer trophy or any sort of animal head on a wall, it’s a good idea to take it down. You don’t want to risk losing a great buyer because their kids screamed when they saw Bambi on the wall. This is one part of staging your home that will make a huge difference while selling your house.

Staging your home is important.  Gun displays, political memorabilia and other potentially polarizing collections should be stored away. It might seem charming to you, but it’s harder for the buyer to imagine their future life if your hobbies and affiliations are everywhere. Your goal is to make your home acceptable to all buyers—not just hunters, or people on one side of the political spectrum.

Remove anything that could make a buyer feel uncomfortable, including anything with a strong religious tone and anything that might be considered controversial. Put away the old Playboy magazines, even if they are collector’s items.

Here’s a quick list of items that can turn off buyers:

  • Taxidermy
  • Political, religious or personal fridge magnets
  • Posters on teenager’s walls
  • Racy calendars
  • Firearm displays
  • Religious items
  • Throw pillows with sayings
  • Wall signs with polarizing slogans

Walk through your home with the eye of a buyer or ask a friend to come do a walk-through and point out any objects in your home that are highly personal or potentially polarizing. Even refrigerator magnets and throw pillows with sayings on them can turn off buyers. Don’t just stash items in a drawer, buyers will look there! Box them up for the next house.

Our homes can be a reflection of who we are, but when you are selling a home you want to peak the interest of as many buyers as possible. Make it easier for your buyers to instantly picture themselves in your home by keeping everything as neutral as possible.

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